Mechanical & Technical Assistance
Classic Motoring Events & Tours

Brit Assist Ltd specialise in providing high quality motoring events and vehicle breakdown, recovery and transport services for classic cars.

The Team have worked in every European country as well as Russia and several Middle Eastern States. In addition to our own Classic Tours, the organisers of the MSA Euro Classic, Le Jog, the Classic Malts, are just some of those who have and continue to rely on support from Brit Assist's specialist skills

Headed by Norman Winchester who spent 10 years as the National and International Events Manager for the RAC, the Brit Assist team of highly experienced mechanics have unrivalled knowledge of looking after veteran, vintage and classic cars. Making every effort to ensure that all the cars finish the event.

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What Brit Assist do -

Mechanical & Technical Support Solutions

Expert Mechanical and Technical Support for Classic Car Events, Tours, Rallies and other motoring events

Experienced skilled mechanics, who in the main have been RAC & AA trained specialising in breakdown assistance, rescue and recovery

Our Guys have made every conceivable repair necessary to keep the cars on the roads to the end of the event. They have re-wired, soldered, welded and obtained and fitted numerous parts & spares on thousands of classic and veteran and vintage cars over the years on the various events, tours and rallies in many different countries

The five vans are all equipped with specialist tools and parts, with virtually everything needed to repair the majority of breakdowns.

Transportation Worldwide & Local Transportation of Vehicles

We can arrange to transport cars via Air, Sea Container, Lorry or trailer whether it is to or from an event or rally, collection or delivery to Auction - Call us to see what is achievable and for a quote